Founded in 2015, X2 Global Media is a future focused Design Company based in Bangkok and leading the way in digital marketing. A flexible, creative and personable digital marketing agency, thanks to a tight knit collective fusing different personalities, backgrounds, nationalities, talents and skills but sharing a common passion for marketing. We are the new generation that were born into the digital world of online marketing.

In an era where everything changes at lightning speed, we lead brands into a digital world. We help brands take advantage of these challenges!

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We are a hands-on creative digital design business that identifies personally with our projects and the people behind them. We add well-seasoned experience and a healthy dose of originality.

Our core strengths are in creative digital design, logo, branding, social media, corporate videos and front-end web development, but we add a unique measure of sustainability to the mix. We believe companies that strive to meet the challenge presented by environmental and social issues deserve to be recognized through their brand perception. By showcasing your company’s professional image, we will enhance your reputation, strengthen the commitment of your clients and educate others along the way.






Customers Worldwide

We help interpret and tell your stories across all social media platforms. We know that one size does not fit all so we flex to fit your needs. We create, build, and deliver great looking content and campaigns that inspire and engage. We love working with new ideas, start-ups, owner-managed businesses and one-off projects and campaigns. We aim to create meaningful connections between you and your multiple audiences. We work internationally but we understand the real value of local.

If you need a team to help create a change in your business or a change in the world, let us know!