The Network Management arm of X2 Group was born 10 years ago to create new standards within the logistics industry and to focus on the freight forwarding segment of the supply chain. Our role is to provide professional support and to assist agents all over the world to improve their financial and operational performance.

In a market dominated by the multinationals, a professional logistics network is designed to link together like-minded independent forwarders from all over the world in a freight forwarder network that will give them the tools necessary to compete on a global scale. Winning more business, servicing more clients and working with more reliable agents worldwide. All of this can be achieved by working within a global network of fellow forwarders that can be trusted in all markets worldwide.

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A professional logistics network is essentially an alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders who are required to meet certain standards and are encouraged to work together to grow their businesses and serve their clients globally.

There is simply no better generator of new business than the power of working within a group as one cooperating entity. It makes sense that as a member of a professional global network you are in a strong position to secure new business by exchanging shipments with other members in different locations.






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A professionally managed logistics network should tick the boxes of increasing profitability, competitiveness and long term growth for freight forwarders. But of course no different from any successful business everything comes down to the financial investment in the organization. And the knowledge, experience and professionalism of the network team members and management.

With our own successful history of success in business networking and the experiences and challenges we've faced over the years, we are pleased to offer our services to current and new business network managers who are seeking expert advice and assistance based upon real world and industry experience.