A great sea- air combination by FTL Services from India to Madagascar

12:00am 29th March 2023

Our X2 Elite member Freight and Transit Company Limited (FTL) have completed what one can only describe as an ‘Amazing’ and extremely well planned project.

The proposal - moving 11 industrial engines with a weight of 58 tons each from India to Madagascar.

The strategy - after careful consideration vessel availability and destination port capabilities it was decided to implement a sea-air solution and deploying an Antonov aircraft.

The solution 
-Transport to Nava Sheva port from origin point with low loaders.
-Vessel to Port Louis Mauritius.
-Transfer from Port Louis to SSR International Airport by low loaders.
-Loading on Antonov charter plane completing round trips until job complete
-Flight time to Antananarivo, Madagascar, is approximately 2 hours one way.
-Offloading to low loaders and the final delivery completed

The project looks easy when listed as above, but there are so many things to make sure of such as timing to arrive at port and from Port Louis to SSR International with no delay.

Scheduling the Antonov to avoid any delay and incur aircraft demurrage, thereby over shooting the budget calculated for the job.

It’s clear that the team at FTL and their partners have done an excellent job on delivering a best in class service to their client and we compliment them on this achievement.

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