Fast Transport Carrier Pvt., Ltd (FTC) handles its first AOG obc shipment

12:00am 17th April 2023

Our X2 Critical member Fast Transport Carrier Pvt., Ltd (FTC) is pleased to advise that it has handled its first AOG obc shipment. This was for an AOG in Bangkok, Thailand with the parts supplied from India.

Check out the timing of this job:
Confirmation was received at 12.30 am
Shipment collected at 1.30 am
OBC reached the airport at 5 am,
The flight departed at 7.45 am, landing in Bangkok at 1325H

Within 90 minutes of touchdown, the goods were passed to the client.

Many would possibly say that it looks like a small shipment. Yes, but not an insignificant one. Without a speedy delivery of the necessary parts, the aircraft would remain on the ground longer, adding demurrage costs which can amount to a punitive total.

We are sure to hear of many more specials delivered by the Fast Carrier Pvt., Ltd team which gets things done!

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