Wings on Board Premium OBC Solution with Real Time Track & Trace

12:00am 21st December 2023

Our X2 Critical members are continuously working on improving their service to bring even better experience to their customers and are happy to share their new offering for challenging and time sensitive deliveries.

Their OBC solution:
•        Provided within 10-20 minutes after receiving your request
•        Possibility to offer multiple solutions
•        Detailed itinerary with route map for each solution
•        Booking of the selected solution directly thru quotation e-mail

Their Real Time Track & Trace system:
•        Improved visibility - detailed information, local and UTC timings, & live flight tracking
•        Increased efficiency - real time up-dates for every milestone thru unique link
•        Available on both, PC and mobile devices

Wings on Board Control Tower Desk is staying at your disposal and will be happy to assist whenever an OBC solution is required.

Congratulations Wings on Board Team, from all of us X2!


Contact the Wings on Board team for more information: