Shiftco Shipping & Logistics India: A Milestone of Excellence in Logistics

12:00am 29th January 2024

Our X2 Asia Global member, Shiftco Shipping & Logistics India Pvt Ltd is proud to share a remarkable accomplishment: they have been distinguished as the 'End-to-End Logistics Service Provider of the Year 2023' by Exim India.

This award recognizes Shiftco's exceptional commitment to providing comprehensive logistics solutions, their innovation in streamlining supply chains, and their dedication to customer satisfaction. It's not just an award; it's a symbol of industry excellence and leadership.

Congratulations to the entire team at Shiftco Shipping and Logistics India Pvt Ltd. Your dedication, strategic vision, and consistent drive for excellence have deservedly garnered this esteemed award.

Here's to this remarkable milestone and to raising the standard even higher in the logistics industry.

Congratulations to the Shiftco Team!


Contact the Shiftco Shipping & Logistics India team for more information: