JAG-UFS charters insects to Paris!

11:53am 14th January 2021

With experienced for over 30 years on shipping agriculture purpose around the globe. JAG UFS UK was trusted by customer to keep delivery during the pandemic. 

JAG UFS UK had challenged with the Brexit delay issue with custom and at the ports. The only option to get the products to delivery to the recipient before the products were not good, was to charter an aircraft. Even the airfreight rate are high during this period of time. JAG UFS UK help their customer to find out the best solution with Jota Aviation who is their customer to supply the charter aircraft in the cheaper rate. The selected aircraft for this shipment is the narrow body aircraft which is faster to move 30 pallets on the route from UK to Paris. 

On 10th Jan, JAG UFS UK team collected with 30 pallets at 5736 kgs. JAG-UFS delivered them to Swissport at Birmingham airport who handled this cargo and built these onto aircraft pallets for the arrival of the aircraft.

The aircraft departed at 01:30 on the 11th and arrived at CDG / Paris at 02:45 am, this was met by TFS staff who took the aircraft pallets to their bonded warehouse where they broke down the pallets, these then had to be transferred at 08:00 to the animal station at CDG for the vet inspection of the goods and the certs. TFS staff then brought the goods back to their bonded warehouse once inspected and arranged customs clearance. TFS Liaised with the consignees trucker and all the goods were collected and on route by 11:00 am on the 11th.

Director of JAG-UFS, Andrew Ballard personally would like to thank Brett & Tony and the TFS team for the hard work and expertise in handling this aircraft charter arrival for their customer.

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