Taymarine Shipping & Module undertake a military project for UN troops

12:00am 26th January 2023

Our recently joined X2 Elite member Taymarine has a project underway for special production Freezers on behalf of The Bangladesh Ministry of Defence.

The 2 OOG units are secured on 2 x 40ft Flat Racks which are currently on board a vessel headed for Chittagong Port where they will be deployed in the service of UN troops.

Our member Taymarine who joined us in early January 2023 was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Istanbul Turkey. Its substantial portfolio of services includes Ships agency services, liner trade operations, project management, and handling of perishable and military shipments.

In addition, a range of ancillary services such as fumigation, fiscal representation, and disinfection are offered. Great Work.

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