All Int’l Solutions Ltd moves 3 tow trucks to French Polynesia in 12 days

12:00am 27th January 2023

Our X2 Elite member All Int’l Solutions Ltd a member since 2016, and headed by President and M.D. Alexis Robin has handled interesting shipments to Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia.

The first of 3 tow trucks was moved in August, the second in December and the third is currently en route to Papeete.

The average tow truck dimensions were 23ft x 95cm x 90cm height and one of the units had to be moved on a flat rack as the width was too big to fit in a 40ft HC box.

The others however were able to fit into the 40ft. HC containers as The All Int’l team dismantled tires, wheels, and bumper in order to make them fit, saving the client an average of 10,000 US$ per shipment.

This further pleased the client as it represented a big saving on import duty which is levied at 42% of the CAF value.
It took 6 hours to load one tow truck but it was considered worthwhile as its saved the client money.

This route has become a niche route for Alexis which contributes a sizeable part of Alexis’s export business and he is confident that he can save clients in French Polynesia between 5000 – 8000 US$ per shipment.

The route is from Long Beach California to Oakland and then to Papeete with a 12 day transit.

It is commendable that Alexis has found a way to save his clients’ money and it is therefore why Alexis and All Int’l Solutions have such a good reputation in the forwarding industry.

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